Symposium Program as of October 11th: Free for public, students and faculty
"Methods of Understanding in Art and Science:
The Case of Duchamp and Poincaré"
November 5 - 7, 1999       Harvard University       Science Center

The purpose of this symposium is to examine specific topics relevant to both Poincaré and Duchamp - - topics which also offer promise for integrating both the methodology and subject matter of art and science. The conference shall include: Duchamp's and Poincaré's shared terminology and common interest in unconscious intuition and choice during the creative process, the importance of doubt, the beauty of "gray matter" (mental beauty), and probabilistic systems sensitive to initial conditions in nature. Very few invited individuals will be experts in both fields of art and science or on Poincaré and Duchamp. We invite you and a variety of distinguished colleagues in expectation that we can set up conditions for generating discussions of high quality on the interactions, too often strained, between art and science.

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