Symposium Program as of October 11th: Free for public, students and faculty
"Methods of Understanding in Art and Science:
The Case of Duchamp and Poincaré"
November 5 - 7, 1999       Harvard University       Science Center

Harvard Department of the
History, of Art and Architecture
and the Department of the
History of Science
Advisory Committee
Stephen Jay Gould
Gerald Holton
Joseph Koerner
Rhonda Roland Shearer

Organizing Committee
Ya-ling Chen
JungHee Choi
Thomas Girst
Gina Guerra
Sam Koren
Vittorio Marchi
Lili Recanati
Rhonda Roland Shearer
Jennifer Sheperd
Shin-yi Yang


I.  The Case of Duchamp and Poincaré
II.  Chaos, Chance and Probability: The One in Many and the Many in One
III.  Discovery, Intuition, Doubt and "The Beauty of Gray Matter"
IV.  Art Historical versus Scientific Method